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loose nut from a what not and what have you (Translation: Freestyle over "The names Bill" by Ill Bill)


Verse 1 :

Now if its three of yall, tell me how many of yall fightin' / Who wanna go first, and who wanna end up like em / Its uce cuzz I aint bout flashin' for camera phones, I just mind mine, ever since nine I been grown / Saw my grand pops dead in his bed I stopped smilin' / Life got serious loc I started wildin' / and fools think they better than uce but he aint trippin' / they try to catch him out of his set, but he aint slippin' / I been through the stories you be lying about / treat my foes like wrinkled clothes and iron em out / you think you a super villian with skills, like you could grab the drum off a mac 90 'fore I fire em out / I aint saying shit to be cute, or garner a fan / cause I know that life is real, and harder than man / plus I know you mutherfuckers be on instagram following hoes, with baby dicks in the palm of your hands so fuck yall..


Fuck yall, and if you aint gone scrap homey murder the act /
cause we grown, and we blown, so if you aint bout shit then get gone / (Get ya bitch ass gone)

Verse 2:

Now I aint got no mamma but I bet yall do / so if yall dont want no problems I suggest yall do / what the squirrel master, tell you to do in an instant / tell em you somebodies bitch, even my infant / I son yall boys / speaking on samoans I will turn into a jamaican and done yall boys / lick shots on babylon I run yall boys, / while you shook running for cover from one loud noise / I used to count shots like sheep up in the valley / whats scary is it helped me sleep living in cali / so yall aint scaring nobody and saying nothing new / if you aint on my level I would never fuck with you / cause real recognize real, and I still / couldnt tell you apart from three dollar bills / eat a dick and murder yourself when you finished / you bout to feel the wrath of a menace ..



released August 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Slo-Mo of Fortilive a.k.a. The Uce Man Hawaii

Emcee / Producer / Sanger hailing from Oahu's Leeward Coast, and one half of The Group Fortilive.

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